Copper kills Virus... but not immediately!

It is irresponsible to make claims that copper kills virus immediately. This simply isn't the case and it's very concerning. Copper (and brass which contains copper) will kill virus in about 4 hours as long as it is base metal with no lacquer or clear coat finish on top. It is estimated that Covid-19 can live for up to 72 hours on plastic, so copper is much better, but not instant! It is vitally important to understand how to properly use your Key Stylus to stay safe and avoid virus spread. Using your Key Stylus will contain any potential exposure to the tool. We recommend cleaning the tool with a disinfecting wipe upon returning to your desk, car, home or whenever is practical.

Our Key Stylus products are a very helpful tool in the fight against Covid-19. But like many tools, how you use it will ultimately determine success. Stay safe and we'll talk soon!

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